Justice Bags


What are Justice Bags? 

JusticeBags® is part of the social enterprise The Justice Brand selling on-trend products allowing you to be part of life-changing projects through simple purchases as we donate our profits to charities with a difference.

Who do we donate to?

Profits from the JusticeBags® are given to charities supporting

  • Women and Children
  • Those who have experienced Domestic/Sexual Abuse
  • Those who have been Trafficked
  • Those who are in a Vulnerable situation

Why Buy our Bags?

  • You are part of changing lives
  • Re-usable  = Help the Environment
  • comes in its own little pouch
  • strong and durable – they hold up to 15kg
  • water resistant
  • multiple uses – shopping, library or everyday use

Your Next Bag Purchase has the Power to Change a Life!

What We are Doing Around the World

Our Social enterprise expands across two continents and to date we have donated over £122,000 to:

  • food hampers to the needy in the UK and abroad
  • sponsorship of sewing centres for vulnerable women
  • sponsorship to orphaned children
  • support to trafficked victims/victims of abuse
  • support for single and pregnant mothers
  • support for drug/alcohol rehabilitation centres
  • sponsorship of cleft palate surgery for children in China
  • plus many other causes

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